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John Gill

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“If your photograph’s not good enough you’re not close enough.”  Robert Capa

The above quote is one that kept running through my mind while trying to photograph John.  I came across this quote about a year ago and have since referenced it on various occasions.  I have never been very successful in shooting portraits so this has been a less than thrilling project to work on.  I found however that the photographs I enjoyed the most tended to be those images that were closer up rather than full body shots.  As I continue shooting portraits I am going to try to explore this idea while keeping Robert Capa’s quote in mind.


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Boatpeople Nr.3Bettina Flitner

While studying abroad in Florence, Italy I had the chance to view a few pieces from the BACKLIGHT 08 TICKLE ATTACK Exhibition.  Tickle Attack is about Humor, Laughter, Irony, Paradox, and Absurd.

A year later I still find myself looking at the show card thinking about how amazing Bettina Flitner’s photographs are.  The series Boatpeople, featured in the BACKLIGHT Exhibit, is one of my favorites.  Although the composition of the photographs are all the same, in the sense of having the same boat and background, I feel the subjects she chose to represent are fantastic.  She represents a variety of individuals in a very simple yet humorous way. 


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Open Road My goal this semester is to explore photography in a new way.  By studying alternative processes I hope to discover new techniques which will enhance my photographs.  I would also like to learn how to use a 4×5 Camera.  I love the amount of detail one is able to get using the 4×5 camera compared to that of a 35mm camera.  In learning these new processes I hope to fall back into my own pace and rhythm, and using these new tools be able to express the ideas I have in a fresh and exciting way.  At this point the road is open for anything to happen.  I just need to start walking down the path toward these possibilities.

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