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Sarah Moore

I spent a weekend down in Philly this past October and was fortunate enough to make it to a few galleries while I was there.  I went to the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center and came across a few really interesting photographers, one in particular being Sarah Moore.  In my own work I have been noticing I have these pairs of photographs that just fit together.  Sarah Moore has a whole series of color digital work of this same idea which inspired me to continue this in my own work.  Some of my favorites from her series Expanse are below.

“If space is the field for memory, and if memory is the basis of our narrative self-invention, then we must live in some seam between inside and outside, some corridor between the place we make and the place that makes us.”
Richard Powers


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Anne Wilson

I heard about Anne Wilson in a critique the other day…from the description I was given, I decided to look her up and see what her work was all about.  I came across a lot of interesting pieces.  This is a description taken from her website:

Anne Wilson is a Chicago based visual artist who creates sculpture, drawings, video animations and installations that explore themes of time, loss, private and social rituals. She uses diverse source materials (table linen, bed sheets, human hair, lace, thread, wire, glass) that are familiar and rich with cultural meanings.”

Below are just two of her installation pieces. 



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Fabricated Realities

I am taking exhibition design this semester and we were given the assignment to create a mock set up of an exhibition to be placed in the Fosdick-Nelscn Gallery.  We have to construct a scale model along with a lighting diagram, and put together a show of at least three artists.  In searching for artists my partner and I looked at a variety of work, but eventually narrowed it down to these three artists; Tom Chambers (Photographer), Vee Speers (Photographer), and Kate Clark (Sculptor)  Their work is all very fantastical and unnerving.  The artists get their inspiration from children, and memories of childhood.  All the pieces are made of composites; layered photographs and mixed media sculptures.    A few examples of the pieces we are putting in the show are below.




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Olivia Parker

I do not remember where I came across Olivia Parker’s photography, but I had her name written in my sketch book so I decided to look her up.   Initially I was confused as to what it was that drew my attention to her work but the more I sifted through her photographs the more I began to find images that I enjoyed.  She began her career as a painter, and over the years taught herself the photographic medium.  She works with a variety of different processes, but mostly digital.  The bright vivid colors in most of her photographs and the idea of mixing materials and collaging in order to get the final product really interests me.  I always enjoy the early black and white photographs such as the image of the peas, but her more recent work is what grabbed my attention.







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