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Craig Barber

While researching photographers who work in alternative processes I came across Craig Barber.  He is a traveling photographer who works mainly with the pin hole camera.  The focus of his photographs are based on cultural landscapes.   He tries to document the fading memories associated with the rapidly changing cultures.  Craig-Barber_Snow-Bound300 

I found this photograph in his gallery of current work and thought it was absolutely beautiful.  I love the perspectives he  has in this particular series of photographs.  I feel like an outsider just sitting there observing the scenery, waiting for something to happen and taking in every little detail I can see from behind the branches and trees. 

In my research I also came across an interview of Craig Barber which I found to be pretty interesting.  One quote in particular that I felt I could relate to is this…

“For me it is important to get to know a place in an intimate way. When I work I am very slow, I like to look around the corners and behind the doors at the small, quiet details that make up the cultural landscape.”  

Having read that quote and viewing a variety of his photographs I get that sense of intense study and observation of details which I know I do in my own work.  The details are not always visible in the actual photograph but you know they are there and you can just sense their presence.


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