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I was introduced to Betty Hahn’s photography in my alternative processing  class and I fell in love with a few particular pieces of hers.  What I enjoyed the most were her gum bichromate prints that she added colorful stitching to accentuate certain aspects of the image.  This first image is one that I particularly enjoy.  It is the subtle but very obvious addition of color and accentuation of lines that draws me into these images.  The image of the broccoli is also intriguing because of the tiny french knots.  From a distance the threads blend in with the image and just appear to be shadows, but if really look at the image it becomes apparent that these details are made my little individual knots.




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Masumi Hayashi

I came across Masumi Hayashi the other day while doing some research for a new project.  What grabbed my attention was the collage aspect of this particular series titled “American Concentration Camps”.  Below is a little excerpt taken from the website describing the work.

The series “American Concentration Camps” brings focus to the American internment of Americans of Japanese descent during World War II, from 1942 to 1945. This chapter of American history is examined in a series of Hayashi’s panoramic photo collages of the camp sites and has expanded to include some of the sites of the Japanese Canadian internment. She has collected interviews from camp internees and these voices have add a collective memory to these desolate landscape photographs.



I find this work to be very intriguing.  The bright vibrant colors were one factor that grabbed my attention initially.  I am also beginning a series of collaged images so I was trying to find some work to grab some inspiration and techniques from.  I have also always found an interest in concentration camps so it was interesting to see photographs of the camps in color as well as semi-abstracted due to the collaging.  Some of the images are more straightforward and realistically generated where as other images are more rigid and abstract so you are able to see a range of methods for collaging images.

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Malcolm Le Grice

In searching through UBUWEB I did not know what I was looking for exactly when I saw a heading for Malcolm Le Grice – Berlin Horse and decided to click on the link.  I am not sure what I was drawn to exactly other than the name Berlin Horse, but after watching the video I found it to be pretty interesting.  I still have not decided what to make of the video besides what the author provides however I have since gone back to watch the video a few times so I decided to post the link.

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The Spinney in Autumn Bicher Common Midsummer EveThe Spinney in Summer

Lately I have been very interested in the alternative process of cyanotype so I did a little research.  I came across the work of Jim Read and found something very intriguing in his cyanotype prints.  I enjoy landscape photography which is one aspect that drew me to these specific photographs, but I also really enjoyed the use of light in the photographs.  I love the shadows created from the light filtering through the trees, and how it highlights the path in the first photograph.  I feel this is an idea that I could play with very easily and something I would like to try and capture in some of my own images.

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In researching grant and residency programs I came across a variety of programs located in different countries of great interest.  However, I thought I should try and find a few programs that were more local and not necessarily a long term commitment.  I came across LIGHT WORK in one of my searches and found it of interest.  LIGHT WORK is an Artist-in-Residency program located in Syracuse, New York.  The website gives a very brief description of what the program is about.

“Every year Light work invites between twelve and fifteen artists to come to Syracuse to devote one month to creative projects. Over three hundred artists have participated in the AIR program, and many of them have gone on to achieve international acclaim”.

Picture 1

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Cyanotype Portraits


These are a couple cyanotype portraits that I made the other day.  I really enjoy working with this process and am currently working on a series of photographs I had taken while studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

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